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Colleen Roller

Vice President, Usability Engineer / Decision Architect | Bank of America

Colleen Roller has over a decade of experience in making websites easy to use. One of her primary interests is in Decision Architecture – designing websites for user decision-making that increases customer satisfaction and achieves business objectives. She is a published writer on this topic, with articles appearing in UXmatters and the QRCA Views Magazine. She has also presented to corporate audiences such as Bank of America, Fidelity and VistaPrint, as well as for the Usability Professionals Association and as an invited speaker at Bentley University. She is forever fascinated with the workings of the human mind, and with the art and science of designing for it.

Helping people make good financial decisions requires design that accounts for loss aversion and the salience of losses.

Article by Colleen Roller
Share:Designing Effective Experiences for Financial Services
9 min read

Making sound financial choices requires people to behave in ways that challenge many of our tried-and-true experience design methods.

Article by Colleen Roller
Share:What Prevents Users from Making Better Financial Decisions?
7 min read

Design has a critical impact on user decision-making. Decisions lead to actions, and user actions drive the bottom line.

Article by Colleen Roller
Share:Decision Architecture: Designing for Decision-Making
8 min read

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