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Cobus Greyling

Cobus Greyling holds 4 tertiary qualifications, including a Post-Graduate diploma from the University of Pretoria in GIS. Over a period of more than 20 years he has visited 19 countries, and has worked in 5 countries, with 8 GSM networks, and more than 18 companies. Being involved with self-service in 14 languages on various platforms relating to IVR (inbound, outbound, ASR and Speech Synthesis), Voice Biometrics, Conversational Interfaces (Amazon Echo, Google Home, Chatbots), Cognitive Computing, Linguistic Analysis and Ambient Computing. Cobus has experience in the areas of training, development, project management, and executive overviews and presentations.

And, Is OneReach Under The Radar By Design?

Is OneReach AI The Tesla Of Conversational AI?
  • The author gives his perspective on OneReach.ai as the top scorer in the Gartner 2022 report.
  • The author believes OneReach.ai to be one of the most granular no-code environments that support an exceptional degree of fine tuning.
  • The author refers to the platform as an orchestration canvas, where multiple processes can be orchestrated for multi-dimensional customer service, and gives some details on how the platform works as a single front-door for customers.
  • Cobus Greyling explores two cautions from Gartner about the OneReach.ai platform.
  • He concludes that voice is a strength of OneReach.ai and the company has extreme focus on customer experience, and orchestrating experiences
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Is OneReach AI The Tesla Of Conversational AI?

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