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Christian Schneider

Innovation Design Strategist with international experience in product, service, and process innovation, organizational design and change management; former program leader at IDEO, design manager at Studio De Lucchi; Consultant and executive coach; Clients include Ariston, Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bank, European Technology Fund, Ferrari, Fraunhofer Institut, FSB, Indesit, Mauser, Siemens.

Professor at universities in Europe and North America; designed bachelor’s and master’s programs in strategic design and management, taught at MBA, MS, and MfA programs, led faculty to teach courses for project based learning, created new formats for online studio courses.

Everything but numbers — defining qualities to evaluate progress in project development, designing new ways to evaluate how it responds to the assigned values and the purpose — a response to business plan assessments from a Strategic Design perspective

Article by Christian Schneider
The Development Matrix

The author presents his approach to planning and progress evaluation in project development from a strategic design perspective. Some key pieces of advice:

  • Don’t underestimate the power of observation during the research stage, even if it’s hard to convey its value to stakeholders.
  • Building a “development matrix” might help to define desired outcomes and the worst-case scenario. A “development matrix”:
    • helps to define a spectrum of possible outcomes to assess how key functions performed
    • makes it easier to improve the product at different stages and take into consideration both functional and emotional expectation
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