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Catriona Campbell

Client Technology & Innovation Officer | EY

Client Technology & Innovation Officer for EY’s in UK and Ireland and founder of the London-based experience design firm Seren, which was acquired by Ernst & Young in 2015. With a newfound interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Catriona now divides her free time between family and working on her debut book, which looks at lessons from history and the fictional futures of sci-fi to develop a “future-back” approach to Artificial Intelligence problem-solving, with the aim of securing a healthy, human-centred relationship with AI. Learn more at her website – https://.catrionacampbell.com/.

How adopting maximalist design can differentiate a brand and help users to identify with it.

User Experience— ‘Less is More’ vs ‘More is More’
  • In contrast to minimalism, maximalism in UX is characterised by the use of multiple colours, patterns, images, forms, etc. Its motto is “more is more”.
  • Numerous brands adopt a minimalist approach as they consider that it can simplify users’ navigation.
  • However, maximalist design can also improve overall UX and make a brand stand out among competitors.
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