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Ben Barone-Nugent

Content Strategy Lead and UX Strategist | Proximity BBDO

Ben is Content Strategy Lead and UX Strategist at Proximity BBDO in Melbourne, Australia. He’s previously worked for TBWA/DAN and DTDigital on clients as diverse as McCain, Qantas, American Express, and Honda. Ben also works with ClickFork, a startup that brings great online experiences to the restaurant industry. Outside of that, he’s written for The Guardian, Thought Catalog, B&T and a few others. Check out some of his stuff at benbn.me.

Effective writing for UX projects often requires copy that guides users discretely and then disappears into the background—here are five guidelines to get you there.

Article by Ben Barone-Nugent
Share:Five Principles of Writing for Users
4 min read

A gig with a startup teaches a seasoned content strategist the real difference between web writing and UX writing.

Article by Ben Barone-Nugent
Share:Three Lessons Learned Doing Content Strategy for a Startup
4 min read

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