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Bansi Mehta

CEO at Koru UX Design | Koru UX Design

For me, design thinking is the power to transform experiences and enrich lives. It isn’t mere creativity and innovation for its own sake; it’s specifically directed at creating a treasured value for users, businesses, and our ecosystem as a whole. I love to channelize design thinking to solve most problems for companies and individuals. My mission is to help business communities understand and tap into the power of UX for a more significant impact.

At its most basic, journey mapping is a compilation of user goals and actions into a timeline. Here we show insightful details that add value to the design process.

User Journey Mapping for Complex Enterprise Systems

Journey maps are meant to demonstrate the holistic user experience. Here are 5 ways that using journey maps can help with organizing complex enterprise systems:

  1. Drive the organization’s outlook from inside-out to outside-in
  2. Create a common vision that is followed across the company
  3. Enable departments to own responsibility of key touchpoints
  4. Target specific areas of improvement
  5. Help make sense of problem areas in work processes

Read the full article for more some journey map examples and more information on how they can help simplify complex systems.

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