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Avi Itzkovitch

UI/UX Designer (Freelance) | XG Media

Avi (@xgmedia) is the owner of IoT News Network, an independent resource for the Internet of Things. He is a longtime interactive and web design professional with thirteen years of experience. The author of Design-It-Yourself: Web Sites (Rockport Publishers, 2003), Avi has published several articles about user experience, he is an avid enthusiast of technology and is often invited to speak about emerging design and UX trends. Avi is currently working as an Independent UI/UX Consultant at his studio, XG Media

As new technology allows increased connectivity between devices and consumer products, there are more opportunities to gain market value through disruptive innovation.

Share:Disruptive IoT Innovation
5 min read

As radio frequency identification tags become more cost effective, a smart fridge might emerge that is able to take full advantage of the Internet of Things

Share:The Internet of Things and the Mythical Smart Fridge
12 min read

Connecting applications across smart devices creates product ecosystems that dynamically respond to user contexts for enhanced experiences.

Share:Designing for Context: The Multiscreen Ecosystem
11 min read

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