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Arijit Banerjee

User Experience Designer | ixigo.com

Arijit Banerjee is a UI & UX Enthusiast. Although a power systems engineer by education, he has always found himself inclined toward the world of UX. He has been associated with several firms and has helped define experiences across a wide range of products. Apart from that, he’s an avid user of Label.m products, a dog lover, and an out and out foodie with decent culinary skills.

They can be paper or click-through, but designing successful digital experiences involves making prototypes of your interfaces.

Article by Arijit Banerjee
Share:What a Prototype Is (and Is Not)
4 min read

Understanding the user-centered goals driving product design will help developers add extra value as the software development process continues to evolve.

Article by Arijit Banerjee
Share:For Developers, a Little UX can Go a Long Way
4 min read

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