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Antonio Rotolo

CEO | Ludwig

Antonio Rotolo is a digital humanist and an archaeologist turned entrepreneur. He currently serves as the CEO at Ludwig (, where he deals with project management and strategy. In his spare time writes and draws for Ludwig’s blog ( or for his blog on the Huffington Post ( Antonio has also 5 years of experience as a university researcher at Universidad de Granada, MIT and Universität Konstanz.

How We Listened to Our Users and Made a Better Product

Users may know their needs and problems but it can be difficult to articulate them. In this article, the author provides a brief exploration of some approaches that might be helpful.

  1. Analysing users’ behaviour and their interaction with the product.
  2. Talking to users
  3. Collecting feedback and conducting A/B testing to iterate from ideas.

Read the full article to learn how the founders at Ludwig used this approach on their product.

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