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Anthony Miller

Founder and CEO | millermedia7

Anthony is the founder and creative director of millermedia7, a digital product agency that focuses on software, UX UI, and digital strategy. Anthony leads the company as a strategist to venture backed startups and enterprise clients. Anthony is constantly innovating new technology to further millermedia7’s goals and mission.

As employees’ productivity largely hinges on corporate software, a good enterprise UX design will benefit a company in the long run.

Article by Anthony Miller
Enterprise UX: the Value of Usability for Enterprise Software
  • In contrast to customer UX, enterprise UX deals with internal software, which is mostly used by employees.
  • As detailed out in the case study, designing enterprise UX has such peculiarities as increased emphasis on user research, focus on simplicity in building user flows, and the vital role of continuously collecting end-users feedback for iteration.
  • By investing in enterprise UX and paying attention to end-users needs while designing corporate software, it is possible to boost productivity and revenues, process data more efficiently, facilitate interaction between employees.
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