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Andrii Glushko

UX Designer | SoftServe Inc.

Andrii Glushko is currently working as UX Designer at SoftServe, Inc., a leading global outsourced product and application development company. He has created high quality user interfaces to ensure optimal user experience for numerous desktop, tablet, and mobile applications by defining effective information architecture, conducting usability assessments, and heuristic evaluations, applying best practices/guidelines for different platforms. His experience includes a high percentage of healthcare projects.Andrii can be reached at [email protected].

Creating a healthy ecosystem for your product or service to exist in allows it to thrive and rewards customers at every touchpoint.

Article by Andrii Glushko
Share:The Ecosystem Behind the Product or Service
5 min read

Designing with input from users is especially valuable when creating complex and critical products for patients and their doctors.

Article by Andrii Glushko
Share:Participatory Design in Healthcare: Patients and doctors can bridge critical information gaps
6 min read

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