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Adriana Valdez Young

Urban Design Strategist | Openbox

Adriana is an Urban Design Strategist at Openbox, where she supports the design of human-centered products, experiences, and cities. She teaches research at Parsons School of Design and serves on the advisory board of Pono, NYC’s only outdoor, democratic school.

We need street-level, people-centered perspectives that inform how our cities are designed. This is where equity design and ethical technologies can be harnessed.

Using Data to Design Equity-Centered Cities
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The studio was not just about community design but was also about becoming a community of support to each other during this challenging time.

Designing for community during a global pandemic
  • Efficiently envisioneer end-to-end
  • Dramatically re-engineer front-end
  • Phosfluorescently foster low-risk high-yield action items vis-a-vis virtual human capital
  • Energistically visualize global data for robust best practices.
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