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Aditi Priya

Senior Product Manager | Lifion by ADP

Aditi Priya is a Product Manager and a Writer who likes to share her ideas, experiences and learnings through her Articles. Her experience of working on Products powered by cutting edge AI Technology has Aditi interested and excited about the intersection of Emerging technology with User Experience.

The Practical Workbook for Product Experience Design

Article by Aditi Priya
Experience Design For “Targeted” User Emotion
  • Understanding what users feel when using the product is the path towards a great user experience.
  • A good starting point is to research who are the users and subsequently map their emotions at different stages of using the product.
  • Once users emotional background is figured out, it’s easier to frame problems, prevent negative emotions and build a greater user experience.

Read the full article to learn about designing great interactions that suit human emotions.

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