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Adela Svoboda

I’m interested in research methods and moreover user research. I prefer combining creativity with analytical thinking when it comes to my work. I love games, I’m passionate about digital art and I study Korean in my free time!

Imagine a situation — you fancy a night out, so you do your hair or makeup, carefully take the time to pick out the best clothes for the occasion or put some perfume on, and then, instead of heading out, you just stand in your own hall, at the front door the whole night. This is your research without properly sharing the findings. You did all the preparations and all the work but the impact is not there.

Article by Adela Svoboda
9 Things You Can Do to Make User Research Stick
  • The author shares the story about how she started working on new personas for her product and how user research helped her along the way.

  • The author believes that just “having” the research findings doesn’t really mean anything — we have to make some effort ****to let the research findings sink in properly and support adoption across the whole company.

  • Here are 9 tips on how you can share any of your research findings:

    1. Be concise and clear

    2. Co-create

    3. Make the findings easy to take in

    4. Create different artefacts

    5. Test the findings

    6. Quiz and games

    7. (Over)communicate

    8. Top-down approach

    9. Forget about on-site only

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9 things you can do to make user research stick

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