This contest is now closed.

UX Magazine and Rosenfeld Media are giving away five copies of Rachel Hinman’s new book, The Mobile Frontier. To read an excerpt from the book, check out the UX Magazine article about the book.

As we're constantly looking for ways to make UX Magazine more relevant to your interests, we're curious to hear your answers to the following question:

What UX topic are you most interested in learning or reading about?

Entering the contest is easy- respond in one of two ways:

Via Twitter

  • Make sure you're following UX Magazine on Twitter.
  • Create a tweet that says, "Hey @uxmag, I'm interested in <your answer>. Do I win 'The Mobile Frontier’?".
  • Replace the blank with your response to the question. Make sure to keep the rest of the tweet the same.
  • Publish the tweet.

Via Facebook

Five winners will be chosen at random from amongst the valid entries. The giveaway ends on Friday, June 22nd, and winners will be announced the following week.