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Interesting UX Resources and a Snapshot of the Job Market

by UX Magazine Staff
4 min read
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There’s much to be learned about UX by looking at the aggregate of published articles, or job openings.

We find a lot of interesting articles from other sites and publications, and share some of the better ones through our email list. And some of the other sites, Smashing Magazine particularly, regularly share links to our articles, so we think it’s time to return the favor.

Articles from around the Web

5 Ways That Your Crappy Co-Worker Is Like A Crappy UI
Cliff Kuang writing for Co.DESIGN
It’s not just a silly question: by asking ourselves what we demand of people we work with, we can better understand what we should demand of UIs.

Me, My Money, and My Devices
Ignacio Mas writing for Technology Review
Technology has yet to fundamentally change how we think about money. As the mobile Internet begins to take financial control out of the hands of bank tellers and regulators, innovators are connecting us to our money in new ways.

Redefining Hick’s Law
Jason Gross writing for Smashing Magazine
What we think we understand about Hick’s Law, which describes the time a person takes to make a decision based on the number of available choices, is oversimplified and incomplete. It’s time to more deeply investigate what Hick’s Law can do for Web design.

Usability Is King For Your Product. Here’s How We Can Finally Measure It
Roderick McMullin writing for Co.DESIGN
Businesses live and die by the usability of their services, but how do they know when there’s a serious problem? Here’s a simple metric that indicates when more investment in usabilty is called for.

The Ugly Truth: Why Beautiful Wins in 2012
Edward Aten of Swift.fm writing for GigaOM
Most of the services we saw explode in 2011 aren’t measured in a Klout score. Instead, they focused on enhancing the quality of our emotional connections with each other.

How To Deliver Exceptional Client Service
Jeremy Girard writing for Smashing Magazine
We often hear companies, including Web agencies, boast about how they provide exceptional client service. But how do they define exceptional?

A Snapshot of the UX Job Market

There’s much to be learned about UX by looking at the aggregate of many things. Sometimes you learn more about UX trends by looking at the aggregate of what people are choosing to write about than you would by reading any individual blog post or article.

We think the same is also true of UX job postings. You may not be job hunting right now, but it’s still interesting to look at recent job postings in aggregate to see where the jobs are, what the positions are called, and what sorts of companies have the openings. And although you may not be looking for a job, you may know someone who is.

Senior User Experience Designer
Amazon – Seattle, WA
Information Architecture/Usability Research
AT&T Interactive – Glendale, CA
Sr. Interaction/Service Designer
Adaptive Path – Austin, TX
Lead Experience Architect
EffectiveUI – Denver/NYC/Boston
Principal UX Lead, Mobile
Expedia, Inc. – Bellevue, WA
Sr. Interaction/Service Designer
Adaptive Path – San Francisco, CA
Associate – Inforamtion Architect
NavigationArts – McLean, VA
User Experience Developer
Garmin Interational – Kansas City, KS
User Experience Designer
Microsoft Corp – Redmond, WA
Senior Manager, Public and Analyst Relations
EffectiveUI – Denver, CO
Experience Design (XD) Lead
Lucasfilm Ltd. – San Francisco, CA
Sr. Visual UI Designer
Expedia, Inc – Bellevue, WA
UX Designer
AOL – Dulles, CA
Design Researcher
GE Healthcare – Salt Lake City, UT
Sr Interaction Designer
GE Healthcare – Salt Lake City, UT
Interaction Designer
GE Healthcare – Salt Lake City, UT
Web UX/Design Lead
General Electric – Van Buren Township, MI
Lead Visual Designer
Massive Health – San Francisco, CA
Front End Developer
Aquent – Fairfax/Herndon, VA
Senior UX Designer, eCommerce
lynda.com – Carpinteria, CA
Senior UX Designer, Mult-User Solutions
lynda.com – Carpinteria, CA
UX Lead, Enterprise & Education
lynda.com – Carpinteria, CA
UX Researcher/Developer
i.TV – Provo, UT
UI Developer
awe.sm – San Francisco, CA
Senior User Experience Designer
Roundarch, Inc. – New York, NY
User Experience Manager
Tripwire – Portland, OR
Senior User Experience Designer
Inflection – Redwood City, CA
UX Developer/Designer
aniden interactive – Mountain View, CA
Senior UX Researcher
Create With Context – Santa Clara, CA
UX Consultant
University of Minnesota – Minneapolis, MN
User Experience Designer
Affinova, Inc – Waltham, MA
Director of Client Solutions-NYC
Answer Lab – Manhattan, NY
UX Designer
Vitamin T – San Francisco, CA
User Researcher
Answer Lab – San Francsisco, CA
Senior UX Researcher
Create with Context – Santa Clara, CA
Project Coordinator
Answer Lab – San Francisco, CA
Director of Client Solutions-SFO
Answer Lab – San Francisco, CA
Interaction Designer
odopod – San Francisco, CA
Senior Interaction Designer
odopod – San Francisco, CA
Senior Interaction Designer
Credo Reference – Boston, MA
UX Designer
Phenomblue – Santa Monica, CA
Senior UX Designer
Contour, Inc. – Seattle, WA
User Experience Lead
Magnani Caruso Dutton – Chicago, IL
User Experience Lead
Roundarch, Inc. – Boston, MA
UX/UI Guru
FanWire – Manhattan Beach, CA
UI/UX Designer
imo – Palo Alto, CA
User Experience Designer
Wolfram – Champaign, IL
World Class UI/UX Designer
Wemo Media – Los Angeles, CA
UX Designer
StreetEasy – New York, NY
UI/UX Designer
Zui.com – San Diego, CA
UI/UX Designer
CarWoo! – Burlingame, CA
User Experience Designer
Übermind – Seattle, WA
User Experience Architect
Pod1 Inc – New York, NY
User Experience Designer
Übermind – Denver, CO
Collaboration Web Application UI Designer & Developer
MatrixMe – Park City, UT
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UX Magazine Staff, UX Magazine was created to be a central, one-stop resource for everything related to user experience. Our primary goal is to provide a steady stream of current, informative, and credible information about UX and related fields to enhance the professional and creative lives of UX practitioners and those exploring the field. Our content is driven and created by an impressive roster of experienced professionals who work in all areas of UX and cover the field from diverse angles and perspectives.


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