Oliver Reichenstein (@ia) posted an article on informationarchitects.jp that's so apt that I'm both grateful to be able to share it, but also jealous that I couldn't have written something like this nearly as well. The opening paragraph:

Do experience designers shape how users feel or do they shape with respect to how users feel? A small but important nuance. Did you catch it? No? Then let me ask you this way: Do architects design houses or do they design “inhabitant experiences?” The bullshit answer is “They design inhabitant experiences.” The pragmatic answer is: “They design houses.” The cautious answer is: Architects design houses that lead to a spectrum of experiences, some foreseen, some not. But they do not design all possible experiences one can have in a house.

This feels very timely considering some very silly things that have recently been said about UX very publicly (Ryan Carson, I'm looking at you), and some recent strange but interesting discussions we've had about what UX design is (e.g., this one with @helgefredheim).

We don't often post articles about other people's articles, but this one is worth checking out.