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Apology for RSS issues and duplicates

by Jonathan Anderson | UX Magazine
2 min read
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We’d like to apologize emphatically for the problems with our RSS feed and for any irritation or confusion it may have caused.

You may have noticed that we’ve recently migrated to a new version of our site. Our goal in the redesign has been to make the site easier to read and navigate, and to give you easier access to the wealth of articles in our archive.

During the changeover to our new site, several things got mangled in our RSS feed. The link tag, which makes it easy to click through to the article on our site, got stripped. And we neglected to include a guid (globally unique ID) tag that helps RSS readers determine whether an article is new or not. The result has been that for the past few days our RSS feed has been hard to use, and you may have seen the most recent ten articles duplicated in your RSS client, or marked as new when you’d already read them or flagged them as read.

We’d like to apologize emphatically for these mistakes and for any irritation or confusion it may have caused for you. As people on Twitter love to point out, it’s ironic when a site about UX gives its users a poor experience. It was not an attempt to generate extra traffic to those articles; it was just a technical snafu in the midst of a big change to our site.

We believe we’ve corrected the issues that caused the duplication of articles in our feed, however, that duplication may occur one more time as we commit the fix to our production server and resume publishing. Sorry for that!

If you run into any issues or have any suggestions for us, we’d love it if you’d let us know using our Get Satisfaction page at https://uxm.ag/feedback. We’re better as publishers and editors than we are as designers or engineers, so any constructive feedback is tremendously helpful to us.

We appreciate your subscription and support!

post authorJonathan Anderson  |  UX Magazine

Jonathan Anderson | UX Magazine,

I am a tech-focused jack of all trades and the editor-in-chief of UX Magazine. I'm also the author of Effective UI: The Art of Building Great User Experience in Software, published by O'Reilly Media. Through its partnership with UX Magazine, I am also a senior advisor to Didus, a recruiting and career development company focused on user-centered professionals. As well, I'm engaged as the Managing Director, Product Strategy & Design for Dapperly, a fashion-oriented software product startup, and am the Principal of First Day, a small private equity and consulting company. From 2005 to 2009, I helped found EffectiveUI, a leading UX strategy, design, and development agency focused on web, desktop, and mobile systems.

I’ve been fortunate to participate in work that’s on the leading edge of user-centered strategy and design, customer experience, and software development. Everything is converging around an increased attention to the quality of user experiences, around web-enabled or web-like software, and around technologies that can create unified experiences across multiple platforms, devices, and applications. I’ve built on my experience at UX Magazine, EffectiveUI, and in writing my book to undertake a major project to find ways to make dramatic improvements to the user-centered field and to increase the perception of user-centered design, research, and technology as being core strategic values.

My work can be very hard to explain because what I do day-to-day is extremely varied since my role is usually to be a jack-of-all-trades. If I’m performing any one job function this week or month, it’s always in the broader context of fulfilling the needs of that business (whatever they might be) and in the even broader context of the private equity holding and management activities of First Day. 

My primary value has been to be an adaptable, fearless, fast-learning manager of and versatile resource to a large number of small businesses, where I hold the line in diverse functions while the companies are too small to hire specialized professionals for any given part of their business. This means I’ve had my hands in almost every aspect of starting, growing, and managing a small business, including finance, accounting, legal, management, HR, marketing/brand, PR, IT, resource management, facilities, general operations, corporate governance, project management, product development, change management, and many others.


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