I just noticed that YouTube has yet again updated it's video player. And to my surprise, this time it realy works and looks great!

All the icons are in the right places, plus they all make sense visualy.

Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GTlm6dU2xHk


Actually, the big improvement has come with the recent introduction of an HTML 5 player (currently as beta). It still uses MP4 (I would prefer OGG + Theora) so you'll be able to use it only with Chrome or Safari (not with Firefox).

You can enable the HTML 5 based player at http://www.youtube.com/html5

From an UX point of view I think this will be a key improvement:
* fastest loading time (playing is inbrowser, no flash plugin loading time)
* easy coding -> easier UI development
* standard HTML5 -> we will see browser plugins to improve/tweaks the default player (ala GreaseMonkey)

Cool stuff IMHO..


Most users won't be able to tell what 480p means at all...
Still, these are nice little improvements.

Unfortunately it's very heavy on a 1.67GHz Powerbook, worse performance than ever before.

In the last year web video has become completely unusable.

I don't like it. The quality resolution menu goes over volume indicator because it have a little delay on closing...