What a week! We have a bunch of new and exciting stuff to announce this week, but we'll start off the day by announcing our transition to Drupal. UX Magazine is now running on Drupal 6. The design has been left intact, although most of our frequent visitors will notice a dramatic upgrade regarding the sites' speed. We've also moved all out stuff over to the Rackspace cloud. We might still have some unresolved issues in the backend, and we might have to double up on some feeds but please bare bear with us, this is all part of the transition...

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Great theme, i hadn't saw that before.
Thanks for this posting

Drupal6 is not so good because admin experience is must for you.

Great theme, i hadn't saw that before

I like this theme too :-) , could you share?

Great site but why this web site do not have other languages support?
Öğretmen Portalı

I agree with the previous poster. This site loads much quicker nowdays. Regards, Laura Nyce

I used to have problems with the UX magazine website because of the long time it took to load each page. It loads much faster these days, assumingly thanks to this Drupal system which I applaude.

It's great to see somebody take the time to post some postive feedback about Drupal. Maybe this will show through as a beacon for those stuck where you were, questioning their journey with Drupal. Well done with your site too, an excellent example. Kind regards, Cody Phillips 

Drupal is surely an affective software to run your web sites. It just take about 15 minutes to install the software therefore its very quick. 

Drupal is blogging tool, Drupal on the other hand can be molded into serious complex applications. If you want a blog, you can have that too. 

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No doubt about the speed and accuracy about the drupal. 

I would really appreciate if you can share your reasoning behind the switch to Drupal. Not that there is any doubt about Drupal; just wanted to know the advantages of it you considered.

Thanks for the great post by the way.

Olive Joy Villegas
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Drupal is definitely an awesome way to go. The real test is whether it increases productivity in your organization and satisfaction from your customers.

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This is a great example of what you can do with Drupal. This is a fast site, let's not foget the content, you have great articles in here. Congrats.


I swear I could put all the Drupal nay-sayers in a room and test them on the subject matter and they'd know nothing about the product. While it may be more difficult to use than Wordpress, it's 20X the tool. Drupal is blogging tool, Drupal on the other hand can be molded into serious complex applications. If you want a blog, you can have that too.

Congrats on your choice.

Do you decide to get an subscription with Acquia in case you need help?

Hey I'm pretty late catching up on this and haven't seen a post here in a while but wanted to let you know I appreciate your work. Thanks! Mark

Drupal is really great. I think for the breadth of what drupal does, it is pretty easy to learn and administer a site. I'm not saying it is perfect - far form it, but of all the things I think the simplicity of it stands out for me. This, in part, stems from some of the architecture and design (not the implementation as I think not separating presentation from model is a huge mistake) - for example, nodes and what they are and how things like collaborative books work. This architecture/design makes for, in large part, the simplicity I speak of.

By the way, nice post. Keep posting. I'll be following you.

Kind regards,
Andy Moquin
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Why don't you release the theme? Free or premium? I'd be interested in it! ;)

Looks and works great - shame there aren't as many updates any more - any particular reason you chose Drupal over the rest of the platforms? i.e. Wordpress etc

Joey @ techdesigns - web design

Thats a good news, Drupal is a very good platform for managing your contents and but as I am visiting your site for the first site, which platform you guys were using prior moving to Drupal ? And how's it performing since many big-scale organizations uses Drupal and regard it as the best content management platfor ?


Ryan Mathys
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Drupal is my favorite CMS!!!!!

Key Ödemeleri

Take no offense, but UX Magazine is a site with a great design but with a poo content. Most of the article of the frontpage are 2007 dated! :(

Yes, just using Drupal...

Drupal is the best....

Good to hear. Its a right choice.

what about a WordPress version? ;)

MUCH MUCH MUCH FASTER!! was hoping for a new UI design, but oh well... this should do i guess

I was using WP and several days ago my website was broken, coz one of the plugins was broken.
Sometimes I think that it's better to work with simple html without any CMS coz it's the most reliable thing.

I prefer WordPress (and I'm proud of it) but anyway, the CMS it's not important, what matters is that UX Magazine has a great design, whether it uses textpattern or drupal...

Good going. What was UX Mag running on earlier?

no, drupal rocks...
well done guys. good choice.

Josh sucks. See above pointless comment with no backup whatsoever.

On a serious note, did you guys consider Joomla at all? And if so, what particular aspect lead you to not choose it?

I believe you meant to say "bear with us" not "bare" -- unless you wanted us to get nekked.

You probably think we're some kind of kinky freaks, but the truth is we just have an issue with spellcheckers...

Thx for the tip ;)

I'm surprised you guys didn't consider Expression Engine. Let the flame throwing begin...

My only real complaint about Drupal is the lack of a really good UI in the admin area. Of course, I know they are working hard on that for Drupal 7.

Actually, if you're using Drupal 6, there's a very intuitive module which improves the admin experience. you might want to try it out.


Aside from the speed increase, any other reason you guys the need to switch to Drupal?

When we first started UX Magazine, we chose textpattern as our CMS of choice, and for a good reason.

It was the best publishing platform available at the time. As time passed, we need more functionality, and an easier workflow from "content submission to editing to publishing".

Textpattern proved to be a bit stiff in that area.

In the meantime we started using Drupal for a lot of our client work, and other personal projects, and we came to trust it in most situations. We also became rather proficient at it. So the migration was kind of a very logical way to advance UX Magazine.

The workflow is still being worked on, but the plethora of modules, and flexibility of Drupal, will allow us to perfect the system as time goes by...

Drupal sucks

Drupal Rocks ;)

@Josh I'm sure there's some reasoning behind your claim. I'd like you to share your thoughts with us...

Feels lots faster. Can't wait to see more!