Do we really need another browser? The boys at Flock think so and while I’m not entirely sure that it would make me switch from Firefox it certainly looks and feels great.

This isn’t a review or even a preview as I’ve just been quickly testing out Flock ’s latest developer beta build. Flying in the face of the "let’s strip everything out of the browser" ethos it adds stuff like blog posting and integration. It’s a pretty little app that works well (especially considering its beta status). It would be unfair at this stage to start ranting about the things that “don’t work”.

If you’re looking for a tricked-out browser that’s build for bloggers, this could well be it. This post was written through its very impressive, seamless blogging tool.



Sometimes reinventing Spokes for a wheel is worthit!

I do like this Browser too. Interesting features and nice theme ;o)

I’ve got to say, all the new swanky “web 2.0” browsers look identical to me (the average slack jawed internet user), although flock is the easier to use I’m sticking with the uglier but easier on the ol’ (very old, its only 20gig) hard-drive IE 7

This raises an interesting question: will we start to see many different browsers each filling a different niche? E.G. a browser aimed at blogging, a browser aimed at shopping, a browser aimed at email, a browser aimed at searching (firefox?), a browser for your University. Perhaps the browser market won’t have three or four browsers, but loads and loads, like the car market, perhaps …