Jakob Nielsen posted an interesting article on expanding the reach of good usability:

Summary: Usability is like cooking: everybody needs the results, anybody can do it reasonably well with a bit of training, and yet it takes a master to produce a gourmet outcome.
One of the discount usability movement's basic tenets is that we need a drastic expansion in the amount of usability work done in the world, and to make this happen we need more people to take on usability assignments.

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User Experience, Human Computer Interacion, User Interface are all concepts that interest me. I feel like I'm always filled with ideas to make businesses, people, and applications better. I don't have a programming background but I do have experience and passions that would contribute to the UI/UX/HCI skillset. You say we need more people to take on usability assignments. How do I get involved? Do you need a masters to do this stuff?



Great article. I'd love to share a post I wrote that talks a bit about the tools that anyone can use to do usability testing:


UX testing really is at everyones fingertips