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Here they are! The winners of the 2014 international Design for Experience awards.

Share:Announcing Winners in the 2014 Design for Experience Awards

Pixel art relies on iconic, simple graphic elements that get a point across without being overly worried about minutiae, which can be useful to experience designers.

Share:What Can Experience Designers Learn from Pixel Art?

How will augmented virtual reality force us to rethink the way we browse and consume information on the Internet?

Share:Poetry in Motion

The keys to being a successful UX designer in an ad agency environment are creativity and flexibility.

Share:How to Succeed as an Experience Designer in Advertising Agencies

A refreshing, simplified design language that encourages interaction and implies depth, Google’s Material Design could change the face of experience design.

Share:Why This Apple Guy Believes in Google’s Material Design

By identifying and sharing examples of bad UX, we can rid the world of poorly designed experiences.

Share:Green Means Stop, Red Means Go? #wtfUX

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