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Wayne Greenwood

Director of Design, Search Innovation | Yahoo!

Wayne Greenwood is best known as the former Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer of Cooper, the ground-breaking design firm that invented User Personas and Goal-Directed Design. Most recently, Wayne was VP Product Design & User Experience at Striiv, a startup using mobile fitness games as a catalyst for behavior change, and Director of Design & User Experience at Cooliris, a Kleiner-Perkins startup dedicated to evolving beyond the browser.

In addition to working inside five scrappy startups and two Fortune 500 corporations, Wayne has provided strategy & design consulting services for companies in the entertainment, healthcare, and business software industries. For more thoughts on UX, follow him on Twitter.

That rare creature on the UX landscape with the glittering horn—the one who can design and program—don’t be one of those. Be a Pegasus instead, and fly above it all.

Article by Wayne Greenwood
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