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Tyler Berg

Product Designer | Viger

Tyler Berg is a product designer at Viget, where he focuses on creating user interface and design systems for websites and applications that solve user issues and accomplish business objectives. His ultimate goal as a designer is to make the digital world more usable, more approachable, and ultimately, more truthful.

How can we use design to prioritize human interaction and spend less time on our screens?

Article by Tyler Berg
Staying Human in the Age of Big Tech
  • It’s important to evaluate tech’s continued development with a critical eye and define what overreach is and isn’t. UX designers have to use a human-first mindset in their work.
  • Users should be given control of how much screen time or application experience they want to consume. However, many services don’t give that choice using addictive technologies like endless newsfeed or autoplay.
  • When adopting technology to new mediums, it’s vital that we keep two things in mind. One: Are we creating technology for technology’s sake? And two: how does this impact current societal habits?
  • We need to consider the nuances of everyday life and consider the physical and digital realities for how the designs we create are used.
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