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Tim Paul

As Director of Customer Experience, Tim Paul oversees the development of E*TRADE’s retail website, including online tools, products, services, and mobile applications, with a continuous focus on enhancing overall customer experience.

Prior to his current role, Tim supported and oversaw the development of E*TRADE’s research and trading platforms. He also spent time helping develop the on-boarding experience and fraud prevention, and he supported the redesign of E*TRADE’s general website.

Before joining E*TRADE in 2004, Tim served as Vice President of product development at TD Waterhouse, where he led the development of investor products as well as the retail Web site, and where he also spent time overseeing customer service and call centers for the online brokerage.

In 2008, Tim oversaw the launch of E*TRADE Mobile Pro for Blackberry, the first-of-its-kind integrated mobile trading and banking application providing customers quick and easy, real-time access to their E*TRADE accounts and the information that moves the markets. Since then, E*TRADE has launched Mobile Pro for iPhone and iPod Touch and most recently Mobile Pro for iPad and is consistently listed among the top free financial applications in the Apple App Store.

An interview with Tim Paul, Director of Product Management and User Experience at E*TRADE, about the growth and role of UX in the digitally driven company.

Article by Tim Paul
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