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Thomas Jaffe

Thomas Jaffe founded ThoughtMatter to build on the counter-intuitive links between business and the fine arts. Before establishing the firm, he was a leading business journalist who reported on management while acquiring and managing a major art collection. Recognizing how businesses could benefit from infusing their overall vision with the artist’s creativity and passion, Tom built ThoughtMatter to provide this enhanced vision to help management conquer the challenges facing brands in today’s economy. He similarly believes cultural organizations must marry their artistic worldview with rapidly evolving best business practices to reach today’s audiences effectively. He has developed ThoughtMatter to serve both sectors, staffing the studio on both the creative and business sides with skilled, disciplined professionals who view changing markets with an artist’s eye and a curator’s instinct for making connections between all things creative.

Why It’s Time to Leave UX Laws Behind

I Want to Break Free
  • In today’s frenetic technological age, there is less room for creativity and the one-size-fits-all approach often prevails when it comes to design.
  • Although automation has numerous benefits, it also over-relies on UX laws and decreases the eagerness to experiment. This, in turn, hinders innovation and promotes a restrictive UX approach that seeks to “trap” users.
  • UX/UI specialists have the power to reshift the focus in the current UX trends to foster creativity and give users more freedom.
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Frame 1 UX Laws Behind

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