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Sukanya P

Senior Vice President & Tech Area Lead, Group Digital Transformation
Swiss Re Global Business Solutions (GBS) India Private Limited
Bangalore, India
Sukanya is currently a Senior Vice President and Tech Area Lead in Group Digital Transformation for Swiss Re Global Business Solutions Centre in India where she is responsible, along with her counterparts, to help accelerate Swiss Re’s competitiveness in the market by excelling in core business capabilities and enabling transformation through R&D-focused initiatives, innovation and differentiation. She has over 20 years of technology experience in the software product industry with expertise in solution architecture, product strategy, program management, customer engagement and team management. An MBA from IIM Bangalore, Sukanya has proven track record of setting up and leading Technology Centers of Excellence and managing global stakeholders in senior leadership roles.
Prior to joining Swiss Re, she had an entrepreneurial stint in the field of Digital Transformation where she contributed towards building and grooming truly agile organisations. She has International exposure in the areas of Strategic Management, Systems Thinking, European Business Models & Entrepreneurship from University of St.Gallen, Switzerland.

Every organisation is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution for digital transformation. But you might be aware that training on digital mind-set and continuous reinforcement go a long way in imbibing a digital culture in the employees. And there are particular critical success factors for digital transformation that might help you in this respect. So what are they? You’re just about to find out!

Article by Sukanya P
Critical Success Factors for Digital Transformation
  • Digital transformation requires a complete shift in the organization’s culture and need for a digital mindset, rather than the mere ability to use tools or technology.
  • There are 4 key tenets to having a digital mindset:
    1. Customers Obsession
    2. Agile and iterative development
    3. Constant collaboration and transparency among teams
    4. Willingness to take risks
  • With the technological evolutions, it is important for employees and teams to be able to experiment with newer ideas and business models without fear of failure and subsequent admonition.
  • Training on digital mindset and continuous reinforcement goes a long way in imbibing a digital culture in the employees.
  • The author believes teams that operate as digital natives to be better prepared to face the changing dynamics of the business world.
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Critical Success Factors for Digital Transformation

A basic perspective of Digital Transformation (DX) and its implications to organizations

Article by Sukanya P
Digital Transformation — What Exactly Is It?
  • The author defines the following key terms:
    • Digital
    • Transformation
    • Digital Transformation
  • For most organizations, the goals for digital transformation can be classified into the following:
    • Improve customer experience
    • Inhance business processes
    • Develop new business models
  • Reasons why companies might decide to go for digital transformation:
    • The change in the consumer behavior due to the heavy penetration of mobiles
    • Process efficiency enabled by technology in some industries
    • Organizations that do not adapt to the newer technologies will eventually face an existential crisis

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