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Steffan Morris Hernandez

Steffan is a RIBA Qualified Architect in the UK who transitioned into Product Design. With 9 years of experience in Architecture, Steffan has taken this experience and skillset to digital product design. Steffan regularly writes articles on the topics of design, transforming information into bite-sized concise visuals for the audience. 

Visualising 10 types of bias in 10 visuals.

Article by Steffan Morris Hernandez
10 Types of Cognitive Bias To Watch Out For In UX Research & Design
  • The article covers how crucial it is to address cognitive biases for navigating daily life as well as UX research and design. Our judgment and thought processes become biased, which might distort reality in accordance with our preconceived notions.
  • The author illustrates 10 examples of real-life cognitive biases and their reflection in UX research.
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