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Shira Ben Cohen

User Experience Designer | UX Researcher | Business Strategist | Design Thinker | Service Design | Innovation | Intel Corporation

Shira Ben Cohen is a passionate Experience Designer and a UX Researcher, part of Intel’s enterprise-wide embedded management consulting unit, she partner and lead Intel’s various business units through user experience methodologies to ensure customer experience expectations are met on high-value projects.

Shira is a Service Designer, a Business Strategist, and a Design Thinking speaker and trainer. She also co-founded SDI- “Service design Israel” the first Israeli service design community.

Shira believes a user-centered approach like Design Thinking and Service Design is the key to an in-depth organizational cultural change and shifting people’s mindsets.

Improving the hiring experience at the most painful stage of the hiring process: candidate rejection

Share:How we have improved the Candidate Rejection Experience at Intel using UX Research Techniques

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