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Scott Plewes

Vice President of User Experience | Macadamian

Scott Plewes is an expert in user experience design, user research, and incorporating the voice of the customer into product design. As Vice President of User Experience Design at Macadamian, Scott has almost 20 years of experience in the field of user interface design, working in both the public and private sector. Scott’s experience design skills cover the spectrum from desktop, web, and mobile user interface design through to command line interface and telephony interface design.

Impressed with its development opportunities and unique UI, Macadamian chose to devote a quarter of its workforce to the BlackBerry 10 OS.

Article by Meaghan Reinecke, Scott Plewes
Share:Banking on BlackBerry 10
6 min read

Avoid a user revolt against your product redesign by targeting the overall experience instead of just aesthetics.

Article by Scott Plewes
Share:Overhauling a UI Without Upsetting Current Users
8 min read

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