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Sarah Dzida

UX & Content Strategy Consultant | Freelancing, Editor of Dare to Win

Sarah Dzida collaborates with teams to build useful, usable and delightful UX and content experiences across digital and tangible products. With over 8 years of expertise, she’s worked with many types of teams from enterprises to agencies to startups. Her clients include Walmart, Toyota, Bob Evans Grocery, the City of Los Angeles and the Bruce Lee Foundation. In fact, her work for Lexus received recognition from the 47th Creativity International Awards as well as her recent work in interactive storytelling from the CommArts 2020 Interaction Awards. Sarah also writes articles, essays and poetry. They’ve been featured online, in print and at the Architecture + Design Museum in Los Angeles. Her UX and design writing appears in UX Booth, UX Collective, UX Magazine, and is used in curriculums around the country.

Thoughts on explaining the role, “UX Designer.”

Share:To My Loved Ones: This Is What I Do — I attempt to describe my design/UX life to non-design/UX people.
11 min read

What does “information” mean? How do you gather it? Where do you look for it? Look to collect data from three resources: the business, the users and the competition.

Share:How to Find Things and Do Research in a Discovery Phase
5 min read

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