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Ryan Bell

UI Software Team Lead | EffectiveUI

Ryan Bell is a user experience Software Team Lead at EffectiveUI, coordinating development teams to build user experiences that delight clients and their customers. His day-to-day work includes resource management, writing code, guiding application architecture, and helping to ensure that designs, requirements, and delivered products are aligned around the best possible experience.

With a long-standing passion for well-crafted technology as a means to help people understand their world, work effectively, and connect with things that matter, Ryan has more than eight years of experience in IT delivery and support. In addition to software development, he has worked in information architecture, data visualization, and usability research. Prior to joining EffectiveUI in 2008, he spent several years developing automation solutions and practicing user empathy as part of a team providing help desk support and IT infrastructure for hundreds of employees at Travelport.

Ryan completed a B.A. at the University of Denver with a double major in Digital Media Studies and Spanish, and then spent a year in southern Russia studying Russian language and culture. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains, creative writing and traveling with his wife.

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