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Rotem Maor

My name is Rotem Maor, and I’ve been working as a UI/UX designer for a few years now. Nowadays, in my role as a UX at Wix, I’m part of the “Premium Services” team. We are in charge of the financial relationship with our users, and our mission is to create an optimal experience and enable our users to intuitively interact with our products, by establishing a reliable & trustworthy experience. During the last year, I’ve been promoting the “Product localization” topic, to be more clear, accessible, and of more use, to UX designers internally and externally to Wix, by lecturing and writing articles about it.

How adapting our products to different locations led to better business results and happier users.

The Power of Localization in User Experience
  • In the article, the author describes how Wix, with over 238 million users, focuses on providing a localized experience for their non-English-speaking users.
  • Good localization builds trust with users, which benefits the business in the long run. The article demonstrates how Wix adapts to Japanese, French, Brazilian, and other cultures.
  • The author gives advice on how to promote localization in your own company:
    • Raise awareness of its importance and value.
    • Consider factors such as language, cultural sensitivity, currency, date formats, gender, and local etiquette.
    • Attribute resources to localization and involve them in the design process early on.
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