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Priya Dialani

Founder | Les Fleurs

With the urge of doing something different always, I pursued Post Graduation Diploma in Management specializing in Business Entrepreneurship (PGDM-BE) from Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India to fulfill my inclination towards Entrepreneurship. Completing almost a year in doing what I love the most- being creative, started up “Les Fleurs” dealing in floral decorations and arrangements for all types of events as well as delivery of fresh flowers to your loved ones.

The idea not being a different one but the aim of changing the unorganized floral market of Nasik triggered the birth of Les Fleurs. Giving the modern and western touch of floral arrangements retaining the aesthetic and true value of flowers is what Les Fleurs believes in. Celebrate, spread the magic of love and create memories

I am a dynamic and high on spirit entrepreneur and believe that “There is no scope of luck in any business. If you want perfection you have to strive hard for the same.” Besides that I am a marketing, advertising and branding enthusiast and like traveling, experimenting and exploring things.

Human advancement has been driven by the improvement of tools, machines and innovation that enlarge our regular abilities.

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