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Peter Eckert

Co-founder / Chief Creative Officer | projekt202

Peter is regarded as one of the UI Design visionaries and best UX design leader by some of the top product companies in the world. As co-founder and chief creative officer of projekt202, Peter has helped many Fortune 500 companies to implement a meaningful UI design process into their organizations. He has directed efforts at projekt202 for SAP, Charles Schwab, PayPal, Sabre Airlines, Motorola, Dell, Microsoft, Agresso, Thomson Financials, Open Text, Buffalo Technologies, LeGrand, Logitech, Tektronix, Deloitte and many more.

Peter co-founded projekt202 to build a unique environment that fosters creativity, provides a platform for innovation while delivering world class and award winning design solutions.

During his five years at frog design, Peter directed efforts for SAP, i2 Technologies, Microsoft, Motorola, Symantec, Halliburton, Hire.com and many other well-known companies.

While studying in Germany, Peter was president of WATCH GMBH, a design firm he founded in Cologne, Germany. His client list included DaimlerChrysler, SMART, ZDF, Spiegel, the Swiss bank SBG, and a number of other prominent companies throughout Europe. A graduate of Köln International School of Design in Cologne, Germany, Peter also studied Design at Arizona State University and he holds a degree in electrical engineering.

In the Experience of Things, everything that we use and interact with in our daily lives is starting to build a computing mesh around us.

Article by Peter Eckert
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