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Pete Kinser

Pete is based in Denver, Colo. and is the Director of Experience Strategy at Universal Mind where he leads strategy, design, and research projects and teams. He works with leaders to help educate and encourage human-centered mindsets within organizations. Pete received a bachelor’s degrees in Design and Psychology and a master’s degree in Information Science from the University of Missouri. He is also a Adjunct Professor at the University of Denver where he teaches courses focused on design-thinking, user-centered design and customer experience. You can also reach Pete via Twitter @petekinser

Guiding your organization to achieve an experience-first mindset means understanding your context, building connections, and communicating your intention.

Article by Pete Kinser
Share:Succeeding as a New Leader in Customer Experience
9 min read

How to put CX strategy to work using Kotter’s model, a go-to framework for serious organizational change.

Article by Pete Kinser
Share:Implementing Customer Experience as an Organizational Value
10 min read

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