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Olga Khroustaleva

Head of User Research | YouTube

Olga Khroustaleva leads the User Experience Research group at YouTube. Her team is tasked with improving the product experience for 800 million unique users who visit YouTube every month as well as YouTube’s content providers and advertisers. Prior to joining YouTube, Olga was a researcher for the suite of Google’s Geo products such as Google Maps and Google Earth. She joined Google after getting her Master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan and brief stints working for the United Nations in Geneva and District Six Museum in Cape Town. 

You’ve defined the position you need to fill—now how do you find the UX whiz who can round it out?

Article by Olga Khroustaleva, Tom Broxton
Share:Finding and Interviewing UX Superstars
12 min read

Finding the UX talent you are looking for can be a piece of you-know-what, as long as you know what you’re looking for and how to attract the right people

Article by Tom Broxton, Olga Khroustaleva
Share:Taking the Mystery out of Hiring User Experience Talent
9 min read

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