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Olga Elizarova

Olga is a dentist, healthcare designer, senior behavior change analyst and entrepreneur. After obtaining public health degree at Brown University she joined Mad*Pow the human-centered design consultancy to work in the digital health space as Behavior Change Designer.
Some of the clients include CDC, Cigna, GE healthcare, Aetna, Cleveland Clinic, Joslin Diabetes Center, CVS, Dartmouth-Hitchcock etc. She applies the fusion of her clinical expertise, public health knowledge, insights from analyzing data and design thinking to the projects that she is working on. In 2017, Olga has been named on Medtech Boston 40 under 40 Healthcare Innovators list.
Together with her friends she devotes a significant amount of her free time to volunteer projects. The goals of these projects are to bring design to the places that need it most, and to create a community of young people who want to volunteer their time and skills to help organizations and communities reduce their inequalities, and grow the sense of hope and creativity.

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