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Nishant Kothary

As the Creative Director and founding member of the grassroots MIX Online Web community (https://visitmix.com/about/), Nishant enjoys wearing multiple hats—content strategist, information architect, UI designer, product strategist, writer, speaker and occasional developer. He passionately champions UX—from great content to keynote strategy—for the annual MIX conference. In his past life, Nishant has worked at Amazon.com on products like Unbox and Kindle, collaborated with top-notch design agencies, taught courses at Purdue University, and written a book or two (https://amzn.com/0766829103). He lives in Kirkland, WA with his wife, two cats, and notorious Weimaraner, Yoshi (https://twitter.com/yoweim). In his free time you can find him playing the guitar, reading, flicking through RSS feeds on his phone, or indulging trashy television viewing habits. His personal web site is https://rainypixels.com.

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