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Nathan Hendricks

Chief Creative Officer | LPK

Nathan Hendricks’ experience has taught him that there is no excuse for a lousy brand. As chief creative officer at LPK, he holds the organization’s creative teams to this standard, working toward the vision that every brand has the potential to make a powerful and positive difference for the people it serves.

In his over ten years with LPK, Nathan has sought to understand and explain the intangible force behind creativity, cultivating its growth in others. It’s a pursuit that has benefitted some of the world’s most recognizable consumer brands. Whether restaging leading global shampoo brands or redesigning LPK’s collaborative experience, his leadership has transformed the company into more than a just a place where people go to work. It is an environment where designers’ talents and curiosities are nourished, and where clients can count on exceptional results.

Nathan is devoted to placing LPK at the front of design’s unfolding future and has enacted forums for creatives at all levels of LPK to collaborate on best practices and thought leadership. His contributions have ensured that LPK remains an unparalleled resource for creativity, a place where divergent thinking meets professionalism, and where designers can be prolific and dedicated to their craft.

Nathan holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial design from The Ohio State University with a major in visual communications.

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