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Michalina Bidzinska

Michalina is a UX designer and researcher based in London, UK. She began her career improving interactive products in Seoul, South Korea. She is passionate about bringing a data-driven approach into the design process and designing products for international users. Through her writing and mentoring activity, she aims to motivate and help designers promote the value of their work. Explore more of her writing on Medium: medium.com/@michalinabidzinska

How health-centered design can save lives across the world.

Article by Michalina Bidzinska
Hey Siri: call an ambulance
  • The article delves into the limitations of current voice assistants, emphasizing Siri’s language constraints in emergencies.
  • The author advocates for a paradigm shift towards health-centered design, urging designers to prioritize features that can save lives, particularly for the increasing number of seniors living alone.

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