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Michaela Hackner

She’s spent the past 20 years using design to drive strategic, measurable impact for mission-driven companies, nonprofits, and the US Government as both a UX design practitioner and by introducing, scaling, and leading a variety of design practices. My work sits at the heart of humanity and technology where I apply design methods to deliver positive change—be it through creating an environment where designers can do their best work or leading efforts to improve the lives of software users. I thrive most when I’m helping organizations uncover opportunities to solve problems that both empower users (or team members) and strengthen organizational outcomes, then defining the vision and overseeing the design direction to bring that work to life. I’m a deeply invested design advocate and passionate mentor, coach, and manager. Some of my proudest moments are amplifying the work of others and guiding them towards their next professional goal.

Indeed’s global head of UX operations uses this superpower to help others do their best work.

Article by Michaela Hackner
Redefining Leadership Through Empathy
  • The author shares her story of how enbracing empathy instead of fighting against it helped her evolve into a stronger manager and leader.
  • The author unpacks the steps of how empathy helps shape Indeed’s operations strategy:
    • Understand where you’re at
    • Know where you’re going and how you get there
    • Invite more empathy in your work
    • Let empathy lead you
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Redefining Leadership Through Empathy

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