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Megan Geyer

Lead Experience Architect | NTT DATA

Megan Geyer is an experience design professional dedicated to ensuring that all audiences of any experience or engagement are represented throughout the conception, design, and implementation of that service, product, or model. As a Lead Experience Architect at NTT DATA, Megan has worked on a variety of projects including cross-channel audience research and strategy projects, global iPad research initiatives, enterprise iPad design standards projects, and employee communication strategies for internal grassroots political activism programs.

Previous to joining NTT DATA, Megan managed end-to-end user experience design projects for a number of online experiences including consumer-facing websites. Her career experience spans industries including non-profit, pharmaceutical/ health and wellness, financial, nutrition, education, and music & entertainment.

Megan is a member of the NYC Usability Professionals Association. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Rutgers University. Megan also enjoys playing a variety of games in her free time including console games, MMORPGs, and card games.

Environments that create game-changing products and services need to remain vibrant at every level.

Article by Megan Geyer
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