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Matt Dombrow

Matt Dombrow is a founding partner of the Denver-based search engine marketing agency, Clixo. As the Master of Clickability, Matt guides his clients through the wonders of persona development and information architecture resulting in Web sites that are highly effective at converting visitors into customers.Prior to founding Clixo, Matt spent three years as a strategic marketing manager building, from scratch, the marketing department at one of Denver’s largest and most successful web design agencies. Additionally, he worked with over 40 clients in a wide variety of industries. While the products and services were often different, the results he produced were always the same: through the roof. Many of the websites and search engine marketing programs he managed achieved conversion rates and sales well beyond industry standards. Some clients literally doubled or tripled their sales. Dombrow’s eclectic background includes a law degree from New York Law School where he was a member and article editor of the New York Law School Law Review, the creation and sale of two Denver based businesses, and a sales executive for a technology company. In his spare time he enjoys skiing, hiking, reading, and playing soccer.

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