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Maria Fakhruddin

I am a visual thinker with an ability to combine the creative, innovative and emotional aspects of design with key analytical insights to drive business goals. I have 10+ years of experience applying Design Thinking methods to bring UX and digital strategies to life. Trained as a Graphic Designer, I hold an MBA in Business Design, and a Masters in Global Affairs (MGA) from the University of Toronto.

A tried and tested method for modeling meetings to get the best outcomes for your team. This article is about using design to design design-related stuff for design-related processes. It’s all very meta, and also META (Most Effective Tactics Available)

Designing Design Meetings: Overhauling a DesignOps Process Using Design Thinking
  • Meetings are an integral part of our work day but not all of us do enough to make them successful.
  • Ways you could remodel your meetings for a more productive outcome:
    • Empathise through surveys or interviews
    • Co-create to innovate
    • Meet prototypes
    • Rinse, repeat
  • Well-designed meetings are a wonderful way to add value to your work and give you a rewarding collective sense of progress.
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