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Malini Leveque

Malini Leveque leads the Global User Research & Insights practice at SAP, providing strategic vision and next-level maturity to SAP’s research practice and product experience She is particularly interested in establishing cross-functional team collaboration to drive innovation into the product development life cycle and applying AI/ML technology to IT operations. She has extensive experience leading design-thinking transformation, user research, and UX strategy at companies including Citrix, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle.

SAP Research Labs present the top trends and highlights for 2022

Top 5 Trends in User Research & Insights
  • The author presents the top trends and highlights by SAP Research Labs for 2022:
    • Remote user research is the new form
    • Accessibility, diversity and inclusion are becoming more mainstream
    • The demand for measurement and evidence-based product experience strategy continues to grow
    • Exponential growth in experience data is driving demand and investment in data science and machine learning at cloud speed
    • User research is the new culture of learning, practiced by all
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