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Malini Leveque leads the Global User Research & Insights practice at SAP, providing strategic vision and next-level maturity to SAP’s research practice and product experience She is particularly interested in establishing cross-functional team collaboration to drive innovation into the product development life cycle and applying AI/ML technology to IT operations. She has extensive experience leading design-thinking transformation, user research, and UX strategy at companies including Citrix, Hewlett Packard, and Oracle.

SAP Research Labs present the top trends and highlights for 2022

Article by Malini Leveque
Top 5 Trends in User Research & Insights
  • The author presents the top trends and highlights by SAP Research Labs for 2022:
    • Remote user research is the new form
    • Accessibility, diversity and inclusion are becoming more mainstream
    • The demand for measurement and evidence-based product experience strategy continues to grow
    • Exponential growth in experience data is driving demand and investment in data science and machine learning at cloud speed
    • User research is the new culture of learning, practiced by all
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