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Lorraine Chapman

Director of Healthcare User Experience | Macadamian

Lorraine Chapman has been practicing in user experience design for more than 18 years. She plays a pivotal role harmonizing end-user needs, client expectations, and current technology. Her ability to grasp the subtle dynamics of a requirement enables her to provide solid business direction to medical information tool providers, electronic medical record vendors, and other companies. Her expertize delivering user-driven or -centric solutions makes her a sought after speaker and presenter to overflow audiences. Lorraine embodies Macadamian’s commitment to solving big-picture problems for all the stakeholders in our clients’ projects.

She is a graduate of Queens University. Lorraine worked in UX design for Nortel and Maskery and Associates before joining Macadamian as a Project Manager in 2006.

Designing apps for users in a healthcare setting, requires an understanding of the emotional states of patients and doctors.

Article by Lorraine Chapman
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