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Liviana Popa

UX designer on Oracle’s Xlab team, NAA. I am curious by nature and my favorite question is “Why?”. I like to be involved in all the phases of the design process so I can always keep an eye on the bigger picture. I focus on delivering business relevant, human centered digital products.

Future designers need to learn, un-learn and reskill in order to keep up with the ever evolving tech industry. Here are some 2022 trends that might help.

Design Trends 2022 (and beyond)
  • Future designers will need to continuously learn, un-learn and reskill to adapt to the ever evolving tech industry
  • Things to expect from design in 2022:
    • Demystifying UX
    • Striking Simplicity
    • Colorful impact!
    • 3D
    • NFTs
    • AR/VR/ Phygital Tech
    • Web 3.0
    • Remote Working
    • Behavioral Design
    • Neurodesign
    • Sustainability
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