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Lawrence Kitson

Lawrence is an interaction designer with 5 years solid experience. Currently at ustwo studio based in London and Malmö, Sweden, working on products ranging from complex trading systems for financial markets to creative mobile applications. Passionate about people, design and psychology, he applies his skills and knowledge to trying to improve people’s lives when they interact with digital products. Lawrence believes that interaction design is a key link between business, software and users, and that user experience is everyone’s responsibility achieved through collaboration.

Previously as a designer for Sony Ericsson, Lawrence worked on interaction paradigms and core apps for smart mobile devices and feature phones. At the University of Lancaster, UK, he gained a masters degree in HCI & also holds Bachelors degree in Design Studies.

Twitter: @lawkitson
LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/lawrencekitson
Blog: seasonandtaste.com

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